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tv   Today in New York  NBC  September 1, 2015 5:00am-7:00am EDT

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drastic action. united water and oregon water reservoirs are only at 45% of their capacity. the driest in decades. the utility is asking customers to conserve water for the next several days and what is a request now, that could turn into a mandate. >> we may be headed into mandatory restrictions if demand continues to high and we see no change. >> the biggest water wasters are sprinklers systems. they say one can use up to the same amount of water as five households. breaking news in the bronx. fire spreading to multiple buildings. "today in new york's" katherine creag just arrived on the scene. kat, what you see so far? >> reporter: over this is an awful fire, darlene, 1500 block of north avenue. trucks sorrying up here, 172 and smoke is filling the neighborhoods as well. the fire call came in, one of
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the first 911 calls around 3:58 this morning. there was apparently residences that are on fire. at least two residences. but it started in a business. again, 1500 block of bryan avenue. firefighters are here on the scene. from the fire department, no injuries as of yet. but this is being called a three-alarm fire. there are flames, you can see smoke from where it broke out on bryan avenue and then the smoke is filling the area as well. 1500 block of bryan avenue, a three-alarm fire. fire crews areich here on this breaking story. >> katherine creag, thank you. right now on the 4s if you want to check traffic. chris, we heard from united water that that led to a serious concern about the levels in the reservoir. >> averaging to 4, 8, even 9, this is below the level for the year. no rain in sight. watch the next several days indeed.
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unfortunately, we're not getting a break from the the heat either. upper 70s in the city. some 60s in the suburbs but it's a sunny sky all day. hottest temperatures will be in 90s. a few checkpoints in the 80s in the afternoon. so it's 78 now. we are looking at temperatures climbing back into the middle 80s at noon time. 86, near 90 at 3:00. more heat for the day, we'll lauren. >> thanks. if you're getting on the buses we saw quite a few detours. b 39, 45, some9 and 103 and all of the other lines running on schedule. major commuters lines look good. the rails, overall, in good shape. alternate side parking rules in effect. we'll have more weather and traffic on the 4s. two long island day care workers face charges avenue busing babies as young as 4
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months old. police arrested 23-year-old sarah sarah dawber on the left and kathleen culver. they both work at side by side day care. police say on several occasions, the two pushed and slammed the children to the hospital and force-fed an 18-month-old to the point of throwing up. gomez is accused of lewdness with children. he was with the kids approached his car and said he's not wearing pants. he will be arraigned on charges of public lewdness. in westchester county, a boater is facing charges after leading police on an unusual chase. police say he tried to outrun two patrol boats in his 30-foot engine powered catamaran. he started near the tappan zee bridge construction zone.
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it ended in yonkers. police say the boat speed was reaching speeds of up to 100 miles an hour. and new jersey police are still investigating an accident that sent a woman and two children to the hospital. it happened in lakewood, new jersey. here's a look at the scene on route 9 and edgewood court. we're told an adult and a 3-year-old were hit. police say the baby and child suffered serious injuries. the driver did stay at the scene. 5:07 in new jersey, strange letters are popping up in mailboxes. we want to show you a copy of the letter. the letter warns the homeowners they're in danger of forcing foreclosure. prosecutors asked anyone who has gotten a lrt like this to definitely give them a call. a touching tribute to a promising young performer.
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they limbed their lights in memory of actor kyle jean-baptiste. >> dozens gathered in central park yesterday to remember the 21-year-old. he made history as the first african-american and the youngest person ever to play the role of jean on broadway. in a cnbc money report, chipotle is being sued over the gma-free claims it makes on its menu. in a lawsuit filed in san francisco, a woman accuses the company of improper advertising. chipotle said it plans to contest the lawsuit. mcdonald's is quietly
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tampering with his mcmuffin recipe using real butter. when we toast our english muffins, biscuits and bagels with real butter, too. for the longest time, mcdonald's was using liquid margarine on the sandwiches. and researchers from nyu take a closer look at the meals bought for hundreds of children at mcdonald's, burger king and wendy's in our area. on average, those meals contained 600 calories. the researchers say the bill sponsored by the manhattan councilman had been in effect, those meals would have 9% fewer calories and 10% fewer sodium. >> it's like an event, it's fun. sometimes, you don't look at exactly what's -- >> once you're there, it's hard to say why don't you get the apples instead of the fries. >> right. >> apple slices.
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5:10, still ahead, thousands of hillary clinton's e-mails are now public. we'll tell you what they reveal. plus, chris christie back on "tonight show," what he said to expect at the next republican presidential debate. you're not going to believe what is swimming towards that boat -- >> plus, it's gone viral. the river rescue you've got to see this morning. and it's already a hot one. weather and traffic on the s 4 is next. you're watching "today in new york."
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it's 5:13, your 4 things to know this morning. today is the funeral for photojournalist adam ward. he was killed last week along with alison parker while they conducted an interview on live television for a station in virginia. and a judge would consider whether to overrule tom brady's suspension could issue a ruling today. he was suspended for four games after the investigation into the
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use of deflated footballs. heads up to a lot of people in brooklyn and queens. take a look at this map here. in these areas you may notice spraying to prevent west nile virus. once again, the car the most popular among car thieves. the accord is the one released. honda civic also the most popular. that's number two. if you got one, be careful. >> absolutely. you probably know that already. it's 5:14 right now, time for weather and traffic on the 4s. chris, good morning. >> good morning, guys. we're still holding on to september, even though september 1st starts. look at the streak of 80 degree days plus a consecutive streak of 53 days central park. 79 degree day, back on july 9th. so it's been a long stretch of very warm weather around here, and it continues. now, the air mass in place is
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getting a little dirty, too. the heat building up from 11:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m., the air quality there, not the best if you're an exerciser or jogger, do it early in the morning or early evening. meantime, 66 at high point, 64 in franklin. we do have slightly cooler numbers in extreme western new jersey. it's 70. 71 in the shore as well. hudson valley and upper 60s. not much in terms of organized cloud cover. that means no rain to worry about today. in fact, not only today, tomorrow, the day after that. you see how far you can go to get that. way up here to the great lakes. that is not going to make a move in our direction. high pressure is dominating, keeping us dry for the next several days. it's a hot start for the day, up around 90. the shorelines will be cooler. yesterday you had more of a land breeze. more of a sea breeze this afternoon.
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mostly clear, upper 60s to 70s in the suburbs. tomorrow, once again, close to it, you may not make 90, upper 80s in the city. sun and passing clouds. uv forecast, very high up, 7. even though it's september, september sun can do damage. protect yourself if you're out there. thursday, we really put it all together, haze, heat, humidity, high of 93. that's where it peaks. and we've got a back door front coming through as we go into the weekend. that's good news. high pressure builds back in and labor day weekend looks very nice. temperatures in upper 80s. lower humidity. may get more on the tail end. 90 today, kind of steamy. the hottest day is thursday, 93. then the temperature is back down between 80 and 85 for the weekend. warmer again by labor day. a high of 88 degrees. and lauren scala is here. >> we'll talk about the delays out there.
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thankfully, there aren't too many, but where there are, not great places. we'll take a live look at the george washington bridge. they're in the process of clearing construction. you can see how heavy it is across the span. you have about a ten-minute wait into the toll plaza. head to the holland tunnel or the lincoln tunnel. this is 79th street. two-lane shutdown. this is southbound. single lane. these delays go all the way back to the 90s. about 96th street those taillights start. leave yourself extra time, head over to the west side highway or local streets. staten island commuters, construction. westbound from hylan boulevard to renwick, eastbound from richmond to bradley avenue. you can see delays out there in both directions because of this. alternate side parking rules in effect. we'll have more weather and traffic on the 4s. thousands of hillary clinton e-mails are now public and they offer a window into the her time
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as secretary of state both professional and personal as well. nbc's tracie potts is in washington with that. it's a lot eve mail aut ot of e-mails for people to understand. >> 3700 e-mails, more than 7,000 pages. we just got this document a few nights ago before the deadline ordered at the state department. now the question is what do the e-mails contain. what we know, hillary clinton while secretary of state was doing a lost e-mailing from her personal account. 150 of those, the state department says, are now classified. marked as confidential which is actually the lowest level of classification. but they point out they were not classified. not classified information at the time. they have since been classified. that could be an important distinction for her on the campaign trail as hillary clinton tries to defend herself against having used per personal e-mail account. what's in the e-mails.
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our nbc team has been pouring through them overnight. recently a classification about iran, russia, china. at least one e-mail where she's urging people to get her what she thinks is public information. part of which had actually been classified. in one, she urges the reader to delete after reading. so obviously, a lot more to go through, as we try to determine what these e-mails say. some of them are heavily redacted. the information that's missing. also what the intent was whether or not, republicans were asking whether or not she knew she was dealing with classified information on her personal account. >> tracie, thank you so much. it's 5:19 right now. new jersey governor chris christie put away his dancing and slow jamming for his first appearance on the "tonight show." he talked about his race in new hampshire and iowa. they also talked about the
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republican debate and what's going to happen if once again there's a long stretch without him being asked a question in the next debate. >> i may be changing tactics, if i get to 15 questions in a row, count them at home, and go uh-oh, he's going to nuclear right now. >> that's what i'm talking about. that's what we want to see. we want to see you talk about that. >> when the governor first came out, he told jimmy he wanted to do a lip-synch battle. he started jamming to bruce springsteen. jimmy said, stop it, stop it. 5:20 now, a popular cartoon that could become a broadway hit. the show that's coming to the great white way. plus tomorrow is today. the big change taking effect for new york city taxis. you are not going to believe what's swimming towards that boat. >> it's a fishing trip that
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turns to an unlikely rescue. >> and follow our team on facebook and twitter. we will be right back. my name is phil zietlow, and i've been an engineer on the cheerios team for 51 years. about five years ago, i found out that if my daughter-in-law, joyce, eats anything with gluten in it, she feels pretty darn terrible. so my team and i came up with a
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welcome back. 5:23, it's tuesday morning. 78 degrees out at this hour. well, the famous bikini bottom is headed to broadway.
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spongebob squarepants. righting original songs for it. songwriters will include david bowie, john legend and aerosmith and tyler perry. spongebob squarepants will be headed to broadway. what do you think about that? >> chris ten chen owe . -- two fishermen in alabama have a crazy but cute catch of the day. and it didn't involve any fish. they caught not one, but two kittens. they quickly found a home when they got back to shore, they found two young girls and their family. i don't know how the kittens ended up in the water, but they must have been terrified. >> that's amazing. good work, guys. ther ittens had no problem getting on that boat.
5:22 am
>> right. >> ohey were ready to get out of the water. >> you may want to be in the water to cool off in some spots. again, september, but it feels like july. 90 degrees this afternoon. starting out already in the upper 70s. a lot of humidity throughout the day. plenty of sun, just a few clouds to contend with. i think it's mainly sunny. tonight, mainly clear, muggy again, 75 in the city. upper 60s in some of the suburbs. a couple more days of hot stuff, and then we head to the weekend. we have the first big problem of the morning, it's on the bruckner expressw . this is the place to avoid just after 138th street. there's an overturned truck. you'll want to head to the expressway. i'll continue to keep a close eye onthis. here's our commuter check list. all of the subways running
5:23 am
without delays. the rails in good shape, but the bruckner is a mess right now. >> thanks, lauren. it's 5:26. the comment that started speculation about president obama's plans after,he leaves office. this morning, there's a new law in effect. the rules of what you need to know about car seats. >> reporter: and i'm katherine creag live in the bronx on this breaking story w >>re a huge fire broke out here on bryan avenue.vicoming up, we'll tell you how flails moved up quickly up this building. you'll hear how smoke filled this neighborhood. that's coming up. if you're going oit the door, take with you, keep watching the "today in new york," the news for new york app.
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breaking news in the bronx right now. firefighters trying to get control of a fast moving fire. we're live. plus, right now, the search for this man. police say he slammed into a woman, stopped his car, and then took off. and car seat rules. this morning, we're clearing up the new law that went in effect overnight. "today in new york" starts now. good morning, everyone. it's tuesday morning. first day of september. i'm darlene rodriguez. >> i'm michael gargiulo.
5:27 am
chris cimino is here with the forecast. kids going back to school this morning. >> they're going to be happy later this afternoon, 90 seats. the coolest numbers, la grange, 62, juncture about 65. heating here this morning, that's a bad normal but in the city, we're in the upper 70s. afternoon. 86 at noon time. a little more of a sea breeze. forecasting high of 90. any trouble spots out there, lauren? >> we do are trouble spots. we're going to start with one on the bruckner expressway. westbound from 138th street and the deegan. there's an overturned truck out there. you can see delays already back to the sheridan expressway. head to the cross ramps. that's your way there now. things not moving along nicely
5:28 am
is the george washington bridge. inbound level construction just cleared but a 25-minute wait getting into the tolls. head to the lower level, those are going through nicely. the lincoln and holland in great shape. we're following breaking news in the bronx. a fire spreading into multiple buildings on bryant avenue. katherine creag is there. she just talked to the fire chief, kat, what's going on? >> reporter: michael, it's an incredible sight to see. the firefighters are all around us, the firefighters are atop the ladder trucks and there are flames on the top floor of that building there. we moved our cameras closer a while ago, you can see the destruction. bryant avenue, near 172nd street. flames were shooting from the building. it was a sight to see for us but neighbors tell us the flames were bigger when the fire broke out around 4:00. we're told that the fire broke out in a garage. some residents thought it was in
5:29 am
the yard. and quite quickly, flames moved up towards the upper floors of the residential building here. this is the 1500 block of bryant avenue. the smoke broke out and other homes and buildings are damaged. neighbors thought their own buildings were on fire. >> i thought there was a fire in the building. i came outside, just saw the flames. i believe it started in the yard. >> reporter: and that gentleman that you just heard from lives a few doors down. he made himself get out of his own home because his apartment was swelling with smoke. and some other other residents did, too. we are waiting to hear if anyone was hurt. no one was hurt in this bidding fire. 1500 block of bryant avenue. you can see the firefighters here on the ground and ladder trucks as well, michael, back to you.
5:30 am
>> kat, thank you very much. new this morning, surveillance video of a hit-and-run in the bronx. it shows a woman being hit by a man backing down jackson avenue on august 19th. the driver is seen getting out of the car, after a few minutes he climbs back in and drives away. the woman is now recovering from scrapes on her arms and legs. >> happening today, housing residents rally in harlem to demand action on toxic mold. they say the city missed the deadline to remove the mold from housing. they say it's aggravating tenants and sending them to the hospital. now they want the city to inspect all of the agency's apartments by the start of next month, october 1st. an apartment and school in upper east side tested positive for legionella back tear. they found small amounts in the
5:31 am
cooling tower at the convent of the sacred heart. 5:34, now a check of the weather on 49s. chris, we talked about lots of schools that don't have air conditioning but they'll be filled with kids today as the school gets under way. >> it's going to be tough. a lot of fanning with papers. temperatures moving back to the 80s and low 90s this afternoon. starting out in the 60s. in the city, we're talking about mid to upper 70s. it's a sun? chi all sunny sky all day. and with the sea breeze it will keep the coast low to mid-80s. city is going to be close to 90 today. 78 in town right now. by about noon, it's 86 with the sun. and that's where we expect the high today, around 90. we'll be looking at the seven-day forecast on the labor day weekend.
5:32 am
lauren. >> we have issues on the roads, bruckner expressway westbound subject to closure between 138th and deegan with the overturned cement truck. we still have construction out there on 79th street. one lane gets by here. two lanes shut down. this is what it looks like on 96th street. a very slow ride. head to local streets. queensboro bridge, inner roadway, we do have the queens bridge, a disabled vehicle blocking it there. delays there. and heading over to staten island, we have road work out there in both directions today. so westbound and eastbound, you'll see delays. alternate side street parking in effect today. new this morning, new rules in effect in new jersey for parents with young children. there are changes to the state's car seat law. "today in new york's" tracie strahan is in ridgefield with what you need to know. tracie. good morning. >> reporter: darlene, good
5:33 am
morning to you. police say this isn't something they're usually on the hunt for, but they say if they do stop you and see you breaking one of the rules that goes into effect today, you will face stiffer penalties. here's the breakdown, children under the age of 2 and weighing less than 30 pounds must be secured in a rear facing child safety seat, kids between the age of 2 to 4 or weighing up to 40 pounds must be secured in a safety seat with a five-point harness but they may be rear facing or forward facing. and kids between ages of 4 and 8 years old and less than 57 inches tall or 4'9" they must be secured in a forward facing seat with a five-point harness or a booster seat. and new headaches for some parents. >> he would have no room for his legs. >> it's the law, we abide by the law. >> it's safe.
5:34 am
>> reporter: now tickets for violations could range between $50 to $75 for drivers caught with kids without a booster seat. or if they're facing the wrong way. that's up from $10 to $25. the old laws kind of let parents decide when the kids were ready for those changes. that has changed. darlene, authorities say if you need information to sift this out or to get new information on this regulation, you should go to the checkpoint center in new jersey. they have one in every county. aktau. >> all right, helpful info there. tracie strahan, thank you, tracie. >> happening today, new rule goes effect to require more cabbies to drive the taxi of tomorrow. in june's new york's highest court ruled in favor of the city getting the right to choose which model car will replace ageing taxis. so it is the nissan minivan. we're starting to see some of them around town. soon, you'll see a lot more of them, each month, about 100 to 200 will hit city streets.
5:35 am
this agency the older taxis are retired. >> the nypd is calling this month's visit by pope francis the unprecedented challenge. he's expected to arrive september 24th. his visit coincides with the u.n. general assembly. and president obama will be flying in just as the pope is scheduled to leave. >> we're going to work very hard to make sure that as many people as we are able to actually get to see his holiness, while putting layers of security in and around that. >> and gridlock is expected to be a challenge, as you might imagine. mta plans to have extra trains running during the pope's visit. for all of the details on the pope's upcoming visit to new york including a schedule, head to nypd readers are calling for changes after the latest prisoner escape. police are still looking for
5:36 am
this woman, tiffany neumann. a shoplifting suspect. police said she claimed to be pregnant, she claimed she needed medical care and slipped away from new york presbyterian hospital in lower manhattan. the officer assigned to watch her went to the restroom. police and commanders say they're furious. >> as police commissioner these lapses in what should be basic policing for care and custody of a prisoner. >> the officer assigned to guard neumann has been suspended. it's the first time a prisoner has escaped from nypd custody since june. the deputy mayor in charge of managing the city's homeless crisis has resigned. the mayor has announced that she'll leave the post by the end of the month. the departure comes as mayor deblass de blasio has tried to stop the homelessness. new york governor cuomo is going to head to puerto rico in
5:37 am
a show of solidarity. the governor is going to lead a diagnosis to the island to try to help them with problems. the trip is set nor early next week. governor cuomo will be joined by experts and elected leaders. puerto rico is $72 billion in debt that its government says it can't pay back. and economy is restricted that they can pay it back by different laws. >> and it's affecting the lives so many on the island as well. 5:40, a groundbreaking history. new advice for parents. it might be be scary. we'll tell you what doctors are recommending that you give your children. there. weather and traffic on the 4s.
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all right. chopper 4, look at the left side of your screen, the statue of liberty lit up. >> that's a beautiful shot. on a tuesday morning. no matter how hot it gets, she
5:41 am
still looks beautiful. she's not complaining. >> that was a pretty shot. let's get another look at it, as a matter of fact, dealing with temperatures in the upper 70s. some of the suburbs down to the 60s but another steamy hot day. here's a close-up of lady liberty. down on the water might not be a bad place to be a little cooler. there will be a little sea breeze out there. and the clear sky, this weekend that will be a popular place to visit as well. headlines, september start, a hot one by the aforementioned weekend. looked like temperatures go down to the 80s. the rain stays away not only for the weekend, but for the relevant of this week. that's a good news/bad news thing. but we do need rain. 80, and 90, that's the expected high. again, well above normal. i think we do that for the next couple of days and we get closer
5:42 am
to normal. air quality in effect for all of new jersey from 11:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m., air quality not so great, not so healthy out there. those with respiratory problems should limit their times. 78 in the park. 72 in islip, and a lot of 60s. not to be, poughkeepsie, 61. and storm tracker, we are clear. it's not going anywhere anytime soon you see there's nothing with consequence, in terms of nearby clouds. that's why we anticipate staying dry for the next several. up around 90 this afternoon. 75 in town, 75 in the suburbs. tomorrow, sunshine, a few passing clouds. temperatures in the upper 80s. we will not make it to 90 although it will be reached tomorrow afternoon.
5:43 am
a chance for inland spots. phillies and mets, like it's 13 out of 14 phillies so far. your labor day weekend shapes up this way. it's been a long time for these weekends. three sun symbols. 84 saturday, 84 sunday, 88 on monday. all looking good. 90 today, upper 80s. close to it tomorrow. the hottest day is thursday at 93. then you see the temperatures get more comfortable as we go through the weekend. but we hold on to the sunshine. let's see what we got commute wz head heading out the door. it's a busy commute, especially for the bruckner expressway. an overturned cement truck. two lanes shut down eastbound with emergency vehicles out there. so you can see a big mess here. chopper 4 on the way. as soon as he gets there, we'll be showing you live pictures.
5:44 am
and fdr drive, construction about to be cleared out delays very heavy all the way to the 90s. head over to west side or local streets. if you're headed to the queens bridge, you may want to head to the lower level. take a live look outside, the george washington bridge, late running construction has finally clear but you still have an inbound wait to upper level tolls there. head to the lower level or lincoln or holland. the usual overnight paving is causing heavy delays westbound but we also have westbound this morning because of construction barking two lanes in hylan boulevard. alternate side parking rules in effect. in new jersey residents are reacting to the punishments handed down to a hazing scandal at sayreville high school. six of the seven football players charged with sexually abusing teammates are now on probation and sentenced to community service.
5:45 am
the students will not have to register as sex offenders. four of the students pleaded guilty and two went to trial. residents tell news 4, the sentences seem fair. >> let it go, you know, the kids they're young. >> they're minors, so i think it's just fine. it will teach them maybe to be on the right path. >> sayreville's football season was cancelled when the allegations surfaced and the school longtime coach was fired. football will return to the school next week. former congressman michael grill grimm is asking a judge to delay his first week in prison by two weeks. grimm said he has to have surgery and follow-up. he'll serve eight months. he'll number a correctional facility in pennsylvania.
5:46 am
baseball beachgoers may notice something missing in greenwich, connecticut. life guards are heading back to school. most of the beachgoers didn't think it would be a problem. >> i'm an adult. so, i've never noticed that life guards are here. >> no problem here. >> the first aid stations at greenwich point and island beach will continue to be staffed every day. history was made at the nypd's latest promotion ceremony. kim royster was promoted and the highest rank ever reached by an after an african-american candidate. >> we want to get the best candidates possible. we want to go out in the different community where is the diverse communities are and
5:47 am
actually be represented. >> royster has been an officer since 1987. she spent the last years demanding the nypd's public operations information. and the mayor in one town wants to change the name to barack obama high school. it will replace warren harding high school. this morning, people are wondering what president obama plans to do after he leaves the white house. a comment made by columbia university's president caused socialed me to erupt. he said he'd look forward to having the president back at school. the white house said no post presidency plans have been finalized. coming up at 5:51, still to come -- a school testing out new technology could make classrooms a whole lot bigger. and cameras found the importance, michael, of a good night's sleep.
5:48 am
and chopper 4 just arrived over the sight that lauren has been talking about, the bronx. live pictures from chopper 4 with the bruckner down below.
5:49 am
5:50 am
5:53 right now.
5:51 am
on this tuesday morning. a live ivory ev vy league education may be a mouse click away. harvard business school may show the professors traveling around the world. it will be in realtime instead of a prerecorded lecture. the school may offer programs taught entirely through this technology. >> such a different world. let's not even go there. >> so, if you missed the part of the class, you say, you know what, the signal must have cut out. >> right. heard that before. >> no excuses. let's get a look at what we're talking about, dog days of summer, lingering, that's right, 90, today. a string of 90-degree days.
5:52 am
humidity is up so it's very steamy out there. no rain, thunderstorms to worry about, 75 out there through mostly sunny skies. it stays warm and muggy through thursday. we'll talk about that in the 6:00 hour. we will check with lauren on the expressway. >> and live over the scene, chopper 4, we do have an overturned cement mixer. you can see quite a mess. this is westbound just after 138th street on the bruckner. you can see the one lane squeaking by in the westbound lanes and plenty of emergency vehicles out there. it's a slow ride, goes all the way back to the sheridan expressway. head to the crossramps. you do not want to sit out there. it will be quite a while. we also have issues on the hutch. southbound, watch out for delays out there as well. so a messy tuesday morning. >> all right.
5:53 am
you know we've always said that sleep helps the immune system, that's what the news has out this morning. if you're trying to prevent a cold, try vitamin "z." more sleep. according to a new study people who sleep six hours or less a night are four times as likely to catch a cold than those who sleep seven hours. it may seem a radical idea but some doctors say the best way to fight a peanut allergy is with peanuts. between 4 and 11 months old but pediatrics say doctors may need to supervisor this. new competition for apple. we're going to show you the new smartwatch coming to stores soon. there it is. at 6:00, new help for commuters. the new act ready to take on uber. if you're heading out the door, take us with you, download
5:54 am
the news 4 new york app. right now you're watching "today in new york."
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5:56 am
breaking news. three-alarm fire damaging several homes in the bronx. police say he left his victim in the street. the search is on for a driver who struck a woman an got out of his car to take a look. plus this -- >> the last debate, i was waiting for you to talk. >> me, too. [ laughter ] >> governor christie tells us how he plans to steal the spotlight at the next republican debate. "today in new york" starts now. saying maybe there could be fewer people to do it to actually speak. good morning, everyone. it's tuesday morning, september 1st. i'm darlene rodriguez. >> i'm grr michael gargiulo. let's check in with chris cimino. >> different month, same weather.
5:57 am
and 76 degrees. we have seen some 60s north of us. even a little bit of patchy fog. i'll show you that in a bit. right now, the day planner, the future has a good deal of sunshine. that's the good news. bright day. but still warm and muggy forecasting of a high of 90. cooler along the coast. here's lauren. >> we do have president bushes out there -- have some problems out there on the bruckner. you see quite a mess on the roads. westbound lanes out by 138th street. just one lane getting by at the moment. and these delays, they're really bad. they go all the way back to the sheridan expressway. eastbound, you also have lanes blocked, emergency vehicles. this is the spot to avoid. the crossbound expressway is the better bet.
5:58 am
watch for the hutchinson southbound, that's the better bet. 6:01. breaking news in the bronx. a three-alarm fire on bryant avenue. "today in new york's" katherine creag is there. kat? >> reporter: we're getting new information, darlene. we're learning 16 people, and these are families, adults and children, were forced out of this building where they rented rooms here. 1538 bryant avenue, you see the destruction left behind from this fire. part of the ceiling has collapsed on that upper floor. 172nd street is where the fire broke out. when we arrived here, flames were shooting from the top of the apartment building. neighbors telling us this is the biggest the fire we have ever seen. we're told that the fire broke out in a resident's garage. the fire started in the yard but very quickly the flames moved up to the upper floors of the residential building.
5:59 am
two other adjacent apartment buildings are now damaged. the smoke filled the neighborhood so much so that apartments filled with smoke down the street. and neighbors thought their buildings were on fire. was it smoking here? >> yeah. >> reporter: how bad was it? >> pretty bad, it woke me up. i thought there was a fire in the building. >> reporter: one firefighter was injured. we're waiting to find out his exact situation. fire officials are here, interviewing residents who lived in that building trying to find out exactly how the fire started. new this morning, a hit-and-run in the bronx. i want to warn you, the video could be hard to watch. it does show a 51-year-old woman hit on jackson avenue, august 19th. the driver gets out of the car and then drives away.
6:00 am
on long island, two day care workers are accused of abusing children as young as 4 months old. police arrested sarah dawber and kathleen culver. they both worked at side by side day care. in two occasions, the two forced the children to the floor and at one point force fed an 18-month-old to the point where it through up. and like tappan and lake reservoirs are 45% of their capacity. utility is asking customers to consearch water for the next several days or the request could become a mandate. >> we may be headed to mandatory restrictions if demand continue to be high. >> and they say the biggest water waster, sprinklers systems.
6:01 am
even one can use the same amount of water of five different households. time for weather and traffic on the 4s. oftentimes, you see this, right, you need to conserve water. people want to water their lawns and do things like that. obviously, you have to slow it down. >> yeah, good news, it's not happening in june or july where you have so much summer ahead of you. we're headed obviously to the fall season but things will get better. meantime, a streak of 80-plus days in central park, 53 days in a row. a long stretch, previous stretch is 41 or 42 days. so we broke that record by far. and it was the third warmest weather on record in central park. 70s in especially in northwest new jersey we climb to the 70s. not much with cloud cover. it could be steamy with a high of around 90 degrees. we check in on the seven-day forecast a little bit. let's check in with lauren.
6:02 am
>> we've been talking about the accident, westbound on the bruckner expressway. we're saying take the bruckner expressway. westbound out by the sheridan, we do have a disabled truck that blocks the lane. it's very heavy. you see delays on the bruckner and westbound. to the queensboro bridge, queens lower level, blocked right lane. you can leave yourself extra time or med to midtown tunnel. things moving nicely. if you're getting on rails, all good news, subways running without delays. and service changes. make sure you move your car. alternate side parking rules in effect. an nypd officer has been suspended after a prisoner escaped police custody. police are still looking for shoplifting suspect tiffany neumann. she slipped away from police at new york presbyterian hospital
6:03 am
in lower manhattan sunday night. when the officer guarding her went to the restroom. police leaders are calling for changes. >> i would much rather as police commissioner with these lapses of basic care and custody of a prison. >> the rookie officer has been suspended without pay. this is the fourth time a prisoner has escaped from nypd custody since june. broadway's theater will dim its lights for kyle jean-baptiste. the les miserables actor was killed in a fall sunday night. dozens gathered to remember the 21-year-old who made history as the first african-american and the youngest person to ever play the role on broadway. jean-baptiste died after falling from a fourth story fire escape at his brooklyn home.
6:04 am
new this morning, the state department released another round of hillary clinton e-mails. the latest contained everything from the classified to the mundane. about 150 of it now deemed classified, however they were not classified at the time they were on clinton's private server. so five of the highlights includes a letter from the state department asking wikileaks not to release classified information. in another, clinton asked for assistance on how to use an an ipad. and once she asked an aide for the times of parks and recreation and the good wife. we'll have the latest in a live report at 7:00 a.m. chris christie put away most of the please comedic efforts. he did talk to jimmy fallon about the campaign trail.
6:05 am
governor christie says the next one could be a little different if there's once again long stretch where is he's ignored. >> i may be changing tactics, if i get to 15 questions in a row, count them at home. if there's 15 in a row go uh-oh, he's going to nuclear now. >> that's what i'm talking about! that's what we want to see. we want to see you talk about that. >> when governor christie first came out, he told jimmy he wanted to do a lip-synch battle, he started challenging bruce springsteen. jimmy shut him down quickly and you're the winner. this morning cnbc money report, the apple watch is about to get new competition. cnbc's landon dowdy joins us with those details. >> samsung unveils the newest watch thursday but giving us a sneak peek. it's a stand alone device meaning you won't need your
6:06 am
phone nearby to make unreceived calls. and samsung said it has a battery life of two or three days. and burger king may have been spring over mcdonald's whopper idea. but denny's ready to step in. denny's said it loves the idea of a peace burger. it's proposing a combo of the whopper and big slam burger two big patties, onions, hash browns and fries. and it's going to toss around names like the whop-aslam. >> that would be world peace because nobody could be able to do anything. >> they'll need a nap. up next, running wild, president obama, things are about to get very real for the commander in chief. later, something new to help you get around the city.
6:07 am
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6:10 am
it's 6:13, 4 things to know this morning. we are following breaking news in the bronx. a three-alarm fire has damaged several homes on bryant avenue and east 172nd street. so far, no word of any injuries. the judge will consider whether to overturn quarterback tom brady's suspension will be issued later today. brady was suspended after investigation into the use of deflate the footballs. the health department will
6:11 am
be spraying for west nile virus. 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. tomorrow. new jersey tougher seat belt law in effect now. tracie strahan has everything you need to know in a live report. important because there's changes for children and parents. >> meanwhile, a check on traffic with chris. >> it's a warm one, that's for sure. it may be the first day of september but it feels like july temperatures heading up to 90 degrees this afternoon. we get there, it's a heat wave. more comfortable by the weekend so we have something to look forward to. temperatures get back to the mid-80s and humidity drops back, too. 67 now, 71 in red bank. a lot of 60s showing up. northwest new jersey seeing lower 60s down to 61 in sussex. a little more comfortable, 63 in morristown. in and out of the city, it is city. visibility not an issue in most
6:12 am
cases but there's patchy dense fog. morris town is down to a quarter mile. we see it here under a mile or less. about sunrise and the atmosphere mixing up and the clouds will burn up. there's no real organized clouds to speak of or rain nearby. in fact all the way out to the mississippi. nothing going on here so that's why we stay dry for the next several days. a hot start. lots of sunshine, mostly clear. muggy, heavy rare. midtown, through 70s most of the suburb suburb suburbs. and stays on the hot and steamy side. a little setback, upper 80s with sun and passing clouds. again, close enough. meantime, shorecast for today.
6:13 am
wave heights two to three feet. uv index is 7. no advisories posted. and also the rip current risk is low. one of those late season good beach days. hazy, really no clouds. 93 on thursday. that could be the hottest day in the stretch. and then the back door cool front comes in. bet more north-northeasterly winds. and then we bounce back up to the upper 80s on lane day. sunshine to be found, 90,le 93 on thursday. lower 80s saturday and sunday. labor day, back to the highs in upper 80s. let's get to lauren scala. she's got more on the commute. >> we do, and more bad news, unfortunately. we're starting live on the george walk shington bridge. this is reported an accident. the upper level completely shut down. emergency vehicling out there.
6:14 am
inbound, a slow ride. lower level is the way to go on both sides of the bridge. keeping a close eye on this and let you know perhaps. lincoln and holland tunnels are doing fine. we're heading over to chopper 4, more problems over there. ed hughes live on the scene, bruckner expressway. westbound we do have an overturned cement truck causing big problems. one lane sneaking by. outbound 138th street. those delays go past the sheridan expressway. there are delays on the sheridan expressway as people try to head over to bruckner. we do have a disabled truck out there by sheridan. again, a tough commute today. and other problems out there, northbound, there's an accident on 95, out by poland parkway. heading over to staten island. we have construction out there. a slow ride eastbound.
6:15 am
and then through new jersey, route 18 southbound, deal road, watch out for an accident in the right lane. alternate site de parking rules in effect. new york governor andrew cuomo will travel to puerto rico in a show of solidarity. the trip is set for early next week. cuomo will be joined by a group of financial experts and other elected leaders. puerto rico has $72 billion in debt that its governor says it can't pay back. happening today, president obama plans to hike the glacier near seward, alaska. and the president wanted a first hand look at the coastlines caused by global warming. yesterday, the president urged world leaders to take action on climate change summit in anchorage.
6:16 am
>> human activity is disrupting the climate. the science is stark. it is sharpening. the pools of this one distant is now very much in the present. >> mr. obama warned leaders from dozens of countries that soon it's too late. the president also is going wild in alaskat nbc news announced yesterday that president will appear in an episode of "running wild with bear grylls." mr. obama will also get a crash course on survival techniques. i can't wait to see that. i think tr's going to be okay. coming up next from bikini bottom to broadway. we'll tell you about the new musical heading to the great whiteway. later, tourist friendly or just plain mean. find out where we rank, new york, on the new list of the meanest cities. >> we're nice. >> we're nice.
6:17 am
>> follow the entire "today in new york" team on facebook and twitter. we'll be right back.
6:18 am
6:19 am
6:20 am
welcome back. 76 degrees, it's 6:23 on this tuesday morning. well, the newest musical eading to broadway is hoping to make a big splash. h now, it's time to bring it around town.
6:21 am
>> the flmous resident of bikini bottom, spongebob squarepants wi all hit broadway next season. david dower, john legend, aerosmith, steven tyler and joe perry. heading to broadway foy september next year. when you think abouteyhe heavy hitters -- >> first one und water. > in the meantime, we're waiting for fall to arrive, maybe some are, some aren't. we're aiill holding out for summertime weather, september 1st. 90 degrees. the forecast high, lots of sunshine, the humidity out there. a sticky afternoon. we saw that yesterday it burned off, today, pretty much a sunny day.
6:22 am
75 tonight, mostly clear sky. tomorrow,lemuggy. a couple more days ofsheat. the heat on the'sday,rthen we back it down towards the h widay weekend. it's comfortable. a good finish to the summer season. a nice finish. >> what's going on? >> sure. i do have some good news for everybody on the roads. we had an accident that was shutting down the outbouns upper level of the george washington bridge, that cleared so we can head that way now. so many problems on bruckner fupressway. chopper 4 on the bruckner, westbound out by 138th street. a big mess out there. an overturned cement mixer. westbound on the bruckner in this area. eastbound emergency vehicles have cleared. it goes all the way back to white plains road. very heavy delays southbound on the expressway. and also a disabled truck, both roadways not in good shape, if
6:23 am
you have to go through the onx, gnve yourself extra time. on the trains, all of them looking good this morning. a commuter check list, metro-north and subways all running without delays and service changes. 6:26 right now, on tuesday morning, coming up next, we'll have an update on the breaking news we're following on the bronx. >> reporter: i'm katherine cltag live on bryant avenue where fire forces 16 people out of their homes. broke out in this building. coming up, we'll show you flames coming out of this building and we'll hear from residents in the ne forgulorcood. >> reporter: and car seat cr wiackdlwn, pew regulations for safety seats go in effect today in new jersey so what's diff ent? i'm tracie strahan, i'll tell you what you need to know before u put the kids in the backseat. >> keep watching "today in new york." download the news 4 new york app right now. we'll be right back.
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breaking news, fast moving flames damaged a home in the bronx.
6:27 am
we're live with information. a commuter accident causing major backups on the brooklyn exinpressway. plus new car seats laws jersey. know. "today in new york" starts now. good morning, everybod d 6:30 a.m. on tuesday, september 1st. m michael gargiulo. >> i'm darlene rodriguez. let's check some with chris cimino looking at the weather today. good morning. >> good morning, cooling down to 76 in the city. 76 in tribeca. and the city holding out, and some of the suburbs have cooled off at least to low to mid-60s which is more bearable. most of the island uheer 60s and late 70s. today will be filled with nshine, though, it's still capable of sending us towards 90. 86 by noon time, we're feaorecasting a high of 90 degrees. let's find out the latest with lauren. >> unfortunately, in the bronx this morning, a really big mess
6:28 am
as far as a commute.anes.adwe wil take a look at chopper 4 over the scene of the bruckner expressway. westbound lanes out by 138th street. g looks like all lanes are subject to closure. they are closed. delays getting by to white plains road at this point. very heavy to sheridan expressway trying to get into the bruckner. this is the spo ndo avoid. we also have an issue on the cross bronx expressway, westbound. the ride on both roadways, cross bronx is still better. another accident by pelham parkway, that blocks two lanes so delays heavy here as well. more weather and traffic coming up on the 4s. now to that breaking news in the bronx. bryant avenue, "today in new york's" kanderine creag has been there. kat, you have new information now about this fire? >>ay reporter: all right, you think about all of those people who don't have a home now
6:29 am
michael. 16 people displaced. adults and children as well. fire gutted this apartment building that you see right there. there's so much damage in the front and damage in the back as well. part of the ceiling is gone as well. this is bryant avenue near 172nd street. when we arrived here, flames were shooting from the top of the apartment building, we're told bit fdny that the fire broke out in a garage and some residents thought it was in the garage. very quickly, it moved to a residential building. 16 people are getting help from the red cross. the fire broke out around 4:00 al. two other apartment buildings are damaged as well. when the smoke filled this neighborhood, so much of the apartments d an the street filled with smoke. when you saw the fire, what did you think? >> that it was my building. >> reporter: nor building? >> yeah. my building. >> reporter: and there was asmoke in your apartment. >> yeah. >> reporter: you see, all of this damage, all of this destruction, but it's really a
6:30 am
relief to hear that none of the residents who live here at 1538 bryant avenue were hurt. they made it out safely.refighter, though, michael, who had smoke he's in the hospital. minor injuries though. >> even though it's the morning, kat, over 75 degrees there, so they're working in very hot >> reporter: exactly. you see them carrying their gear, usually it's 100 p nds of gear. and they arrived here drenched sweat. you can only imagine. >> tough day for them. kat, thank you so much. a long island man is due in ancourt after he was caught trying to lure children with candy.kipolice arrested 87-year-old galip gulmez yesterday. a babysitter reported him where he sat in the froor s0 t wit his pants down. he's charged with public lewdness. new jersey police are
6:31 am
investigating an accident that sent a woman and two children to the hospital. here's a scene on edgewood court. police say the baby and child suffered serious injuries and the driver stayed at the scene. happening today, public housing incident rallying in harlem to demand action on toxic mold. at the clinton houses they say it's aggravated asthma and some tenants. now, they want the city's housing authority to inspect all of the agency's apartments by october 1st. still happening today, a new rule for cab companies goes in effect. they're now required to replace ageing cabs with the taxi of tomorrow. in choosing which model of car will replace the cabs. it's the nissan minivan. we've already started to see around town. and soon we'll see a lot more of them.
6:32 am
each month, 100 to 200 of them will hit city streets as older cabs are retire me b tile whilemeanwhile, a new app to help cab drivers complete with uber and lyft. it will let them quickly pick up fares instead of cruisinging for them. the app officially launches tomorrow. time for weather on the 4s. wherever they are, you're going to feel it. >> that's the bottom line. staying hydrated and the shade. 60s in a lot of the suburbs. inland spots especially heading into the low 90s. there will be a significant sea breeze that kicks in this afternoon that's nice for temperatures in the 80s but as we look for the commute, we start out in the u
6:33 am
er 70s. it's mostly sunny. we heat it up. even in the evening commute it's going to be 85 degrees with a mostly sunny sky. the rest of your forecast, including the weekend right now from lauren. the bruckner expressway still a place to avoid. other places on the roads as well. an accident new york state th oway,fin the left lane. delays don't quite go back to the tappan zee bridge span but it's getting close. so leave yourself extra time. queensboro bridge, queens bound lower level, a low riding there. midtown say better option. and the 78 eastbound, disabled week there. no delays heading into the holland tunnel so that's nice for a change. route 18 southbound an accident after deal road in the right
6:34 am
ne. legionnaire bacteria has been found in a prominent private school in the upper eastndside. inspectors discovered small amounts of bacteria in the cooling tower of the convent of the sacred heart. the school does plan to open next wtek as schedule, but the fax faculty, they've been meeting elsewhere as the cleanup continues. in new jersey, punishment has been handed down in hhe hazing scandal at sayreville high school. probation. the players will not have to register as sex offenders. the sentences were handed down in family court yesterday after four of the students pleaded guilty and two went to trial. and in connecticut officials decided to euthanize a black bear that confronted a hiker in the woods. it went viral over the weekend
6:35 am
that shows the bear going to a woman but not biting her. some people accused the hiker of bothering the bear. but they say it did have a history of being aggressive. >> to see this type of behavior, we're going to step in and remove the animal. it's what's right for the public of connecticut. and it's what's right for the bear population. >> authorities say the bears have been relocated. they're accused of breaking in a house, chasing a woman and even getting into an airport. and now tracie strahan is here with what you need to know. >> reporter: exactly what lawmakers in new jersey were going for when they signed this back into law in may. aimed at protecting kids in car crashes. the number one cause of deaths for children under the age of 14. everything you need to know. for children under the age of 2
6:36 am
and weighing less than 30 pounds they must be secured in rear-facing child safety seats where they're equipped with a five-point harness. for kids 2 and 4 and weighing up to 40 pounds they must be secured in a child safety seat wren five-point harness, rear facing or forward facing, all based on height and weight. under the years of 8 and 57 inches tall they must be secured in safety seats or a booster seat. it's a first of its kind of law in the nation. >> previous legislation didn't deal with that. it was just very vague. this is much more delineated. it gives the policemen guidance. >> reporter: now, the stiffer laws bring stiffer penalties. tickets for violations range from $50 to 75 bucks for drivers currently with kids without booster seats or facing the wrong way. that was increased from $10 to $25. and this is something that parents were really supposed to
6:37 am
determine back in the day. that's where regulations went into effect today. darlene, we were saying earlier, they're telling anyone who has confusion about this, and there is a lot of confusion to go to the check points. back to you. >> it's important to take advantage of it, right, tracie, as a parent we're all there, not knowing where to put them where. >> reporter: i put my son in the middle seat because that's where we were told in new york to do a few years ago but now i have to i think go to a checkpoint to see what it is. bike racks are being added to the mta buses. the bike racks will roll out in one in staten island and baybridge in brooklyn. two types of front-mounted racks will be tested. the program will start. it's interesting for that
6:38 am
scenario where you might bike in staten island or not over the verrazano. 6:41. still ahead, accused of false advertising. why some people claim chipotle's food isn't as all natural as the restaurant chain claims. plus get some sleep. not now. but after we tell you about this plan and study. it does stress the importance of getting a good night's rest. weather and traffic on the 4s coming up. yo'ru're watching "today in new york."
6:39 am
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6:42 am
lower 60s in the hudson valley but the bottom line is everybody is heading close to 90. coastal areas today maybe not as hot. yesterday even parts of long island up to 90. i think we'll get more of a sea breeze today. so that's good news. looking back quickly at august. it was the third hottest august on record. the average temperature, 79 degrees. and again, third hottest august. it's warmer than normal and it's continuing now into september of as well. this is what i was talking about, north, a little cooler, franklin, 62, oakland, new jersey. and 64 in belvedere. 70 in morristown. 76 in the city. temperatures are not so bad but it's muggy out there and it's going to get worse before it gets better. visibility, we have seen it drop a bit. up to a quarter mile. and once the sun is getting up
6:43 am
there, again, in the air, visibility is fine. meantime, not much going on in chance of clouds or rain anywhere throughout the northeast corridor. that's for sure. even the bigger picture, you open up wide farther west. look at this sky. very quiet weather pattern. it's a hot start to the new month at 90. cool skies, mild and warm tonight. close to the 70s in the suburbs. tomorrow, getting close to 90 again. may fall a little shy at 89 degrees. a few more passing clouds in the picture and another warm day. and the phillies and mets, 82 degrees. first pitch temperature. warm night for a ball game. no rain to worry about, that's for sure. hottest stretch arrives on thursday. 93, expected high ahead of a front from the north, taking that southwest wind, we shift it around to the northeast and things are slightly cooler temperatures. even at that, still above normal. normal highs upper 70s during the week. we'll look for he's of 83.
6:44 am
that's going feel better. 84, saturday, labor day looking good high of 88 degrees. >> we keep getting worse. more problems out there. we'll start with ed hughes in chopper 4 live over the scene of the bruckner expressway. westbound outbound by 138th street there's an overturn cement truck which looks like they finally uprighted. you see there's a mess out there. one lane squeezes by. westbound on 138th. westbound lane goes all the way back to wheat ite plains. sheridan expressway and issues on the cross bronx as well. that would be your alternate option but we do have a disabled truck out there westbound on the sheridan. and heading over to 95 northbound on the bronx as well, pelham parkway, an excellent blocks two lanes. and that's not the only problem. we also have an accident on north state thruway.
6:45 am
after the split. 287, you see it's not moving out here. this shuts down the left lane through the tappan zee bridge. not an easy ride over there. heading over to staten island, and hylan boulevard, two lanes near an accident after exit 117. move your car today, alternate side parking rules in effect. 6:38 right now. a california woman is suing the mexican chain chipotle after claims on its menu. the sue accuseds chipotle of false advertising saying it's menu is not gmo free. the chain plans to contest it. and a prescription for trying prevent a cold, more invited minute "z." that means more sleep. a new study suggests people who
6:46 am
sleep six hour or less a night are four times less likely -- more likely to catch a cold than those who sleep eight hours. >> it's probably not going to be a while. 6:49. coming up next -- the rudest cities for tourists. we'll tell you where new york placed on the list. and who beat us for number one. >> it's like omaha. don't forget twitter and facebook. michael g michaelg4ny michaelg4ny. you're watching "early today."
6:47 am
welcome, to the simply orange tour. this is our plant. these are our workers. and this, is upper management. but what you won't find around here, is any freezing, flavoring, or concentrating. which brings us to our end product. simply orange. honestly simple. that's just the night watchman. sfx: owl
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all right. welcome back. 6:52. it's tuesday morning, looking at times square there. it's no secret new york city has a love/hate relationship with tourists, it apparently means much closer to hate than love. >> recently ranked as one of the rudest cities but not the worst.
6:50 am
in a study commissioned by strat0 jet. the top city is arlington texas. chicago is said to be the most welcoming. how researchers compiled data from tweets across the united states. i reject the study. i think we as new yorkers are very nice to tourists, especially here. and for people visiting new york. >> i think sometimes, we're a lot warmer than other areas. >> we're real. "today" show is coming up in just a few minutes. we check in with willie and savannah, good morning. >> we were just discussing, we think new york is a bad rap. we greet people naked in times square. that's friendly. >> of course, we have the ambassadors in times square. >> exactly. talk about reach out and touch. guys, good morning.
6:51 am
just ahead on "today," politics, the fallout of the largest amount of hillary clinton's e-mails yet. how much damage is that doing to the presidential campaign. also, ahead, don't show your shoulders, cover up your collarbones. the stiff new dress codes in school districts. ma students are doing to fight that. and live on the stage. they're exquisite, come down and check them out on tuesday morning. >> beautiful girls. >> yeah. >> it sounds like it's go to be great. >> we think so. >> yeah. we're doing it either way. >> wonderful singers. all right, guys, thanks very much. be nice to tourists. up next, chris is going to give us an update on the hot and humid forecast. >> you're watching "today in new york."
6:52 am
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now back to breaking news we're following in the bronx. a three-alarm fire has damaged several homes. >> "today in new york's" katherine creag is there. kat, what's happening. >> reporter: darlene and michael, firefighters continue to put water on this apartment building. there are still hot spots here. you see the siding is melted off. a huge fire here on bryant avenue broke out around 4:00 this morning. the red cross is here because so many people are displaced.
6:55 am
16 people, adults and children, were forced out of their homes and still being investigated right now. also there was a firefighter, in mesquite, he suffered minor injuries and smoke and inhalation, he's doing well in the hospital. police are asking for your help in catching a hit-and-run driver. we have to warn you, though, this video can be hard to watch. it shows a 51-year-old woman being hit by a gray honda on jackson avenue. the driver gets out of the car and stands around and drives away. the woman has scrapes on her arms and legs. united water is asking customers to conserve water for the next few days. that request could turn into a mandate. >> right now, we want to check weather and traffic see see what's going on. lauren, what's going jon. >> it's been a busy morning. ed hughes in chopper 4 over the
6:56 am
expressway where we've had the overturned cement truck there for white a while. they are pulling the cement truck off the road. the actual barrier is still there. westbound on the bruckner, outbound by 138th street delays go back to white plains road. do not head this way. in addition to that, we have a disabled crock on cross bronx expressway. that blocks the lane. 95 northbound, an accident by pelham parkway shuts down two lanes there. in addition to the accident southbound right by the split, the disabled truck before route 9, so tappan zee bridge and westchester county. >> time to check the weather. >> 90s again. lots of sunshine. humidity out there, warm, muggy night. upper 80s tomorrow. 93, though, thursday, that's a steamy one. by the weekend, 80 to 85 with sunshine. "today" show is coming up next. >> that's what's happening
6:57 am
"today in new york." good morning. document dump. 7,000 pages of hillary clinton's e-mails released overnight. do any of them contain classified information? and what did she know? sniper on the loose? shots fired at four different cars on the same stretch of interstate in arizona. one young girl injured, drivers on alert. is there a serial shooter? september scorcher. no relief from the blistering heat wave. much of the country baking. 50 million of us wondering when it will end while storms cause damage and bring a busy airport to a standstill. and worth the risk? ashley madison claiming hundreds of thousands of people have sign up for the cheating website since the site was hacked. remember.
6:58 am
"today," tuesday, september 1, 2015. >> announcer: from nbc news this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. good morning, welcome to "today" "today." it's tuesday morning. matt has the week off. how many days until election day? >> i don't know. >> politics will be the top story for a lot of those days and it is today. fresh headache for hillary clinton. the state department releasing more of her e-mails tonight. we'll talk about the impact on her campaign with chuck todd. first too dream who is following the story. >> it's a story that won't go away. the largest batch of her e-mails yet today. more than 7,000 pages released under court order. roughly 150 are now classified although they were not at the time they were sent.
6:59 am
this time none were top secret. but 150 were classified confidential in the last few days. including this 2010 e-mail about iran. press reports the state department was softening the administration's stance in nuclear talks with iran. clinton writes, the "wall street journal" says it is a reversal of position. what gives? clinton's private e-mail system did cause confusion. huma abedin writes some official e-mails weren't getting through. abedin writes it is clearly a state versus outside e-mail issue. in another exchange a member of the state department help desk seemed unaware the e-mail address was clinton's, abedin writing they had no idea it was you. they did use caution. despite the e-mail system


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